You've never seen a patch card this sick

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haha, for a second I thought someone had stolen your computer. You are the last person I'd think of describing a card as 'sick'.
lol as soon as I seen the thread I was tempted just to come and post if the card has the flu like I do everytime I see that something is SICK! For once it finally is
That is so sick! Maybe you could take this a little further. Make a video and upload it to youtube. Open a pack of cards and pick one that "feels warm". Then, take it's temperature, may it's blood pressure also. Check for soreness. Heck, it could even throw up little paper wads! Diagnose it, and then title the video as a SICK PULL!

We can then post that video everytime the word "SICK" is used to describe a sportscard.

Wouldn't that be sick?:)