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    FREE 1982 Topps Traded Baseball

    Ill do some of the Tigers if your still offering. Could use all five, but Ill do these three. 1982 Topps Traded #15T Enos Cabell (DET) 1982 Topps Traded #43T Larry Herndon (DET) 1982 Topps Traded #62T Chet Lemon (DET)
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    So Im not brand new to this site, but I thought a reintroduction was in order. With college and then working two jobs after college I havent had any time for sports cards. So I havent been on here since 2012! Well Im now trying to get back into collecting and hopefully trading. I can see this...
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    1 Return...1984 WS Champ!

    Nice return. Hes really a great guy especially in person. Hes from my town Grand Rapids which makes me like him even more.
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    Anyone sent a TTM to Mexico?

    A few years back I sent a TTM to Japan and had this same question. I eventually had most people tell me to include an IRC which is an International Reply Coupon. Its a coupon that has the postage prepaid, so the receiver can send it back without cost...
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    Whitecaps season finale IP

    Congrats. Nice pick with Suarez, I kept debating on getting him on a MWL ball I had lying around, but never did it.
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    "Muggsy" Bogues TTM success!!!

    Congrats! Hes supposed to be doing a signing around here soon I think. BTW your link doesnt work. For those that want to see the pictures:
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    1 in 8/21

    Congrats! I have to say I think hes starting to get lazy on his signature. It looks more like A K____ more and more. Where as it uses to be clearly Al Kaline in a great cursive.
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    Straight from the 3rd Ward

    Congrats! I need to send a card to him sometime.
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    Triple Completed! 8/20

    Today I received my Whitecaps Program back from a consignment in Seattle where the Rays were playing. A member of SCN was able to get Matt Joyce for me so now my program is complete! Jair Jurrjens, Matt Joyce, and Alex Avila:
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    Anyone check out SCN?

    I used to use it with a free account and loved it. I ponied up the $15 about 6 months ago and the forums are great. I was able to take place in some cheap and great private signings, and recently a hand full of consignments. I have a magazine with Alex Avila, Jair Jurrjens and Matt Joyce on the...
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    Looking for 2009 Topps Baseball Series 1, 2, Updates

    Its not a big name but I just got a Phil Coke from that set signed on Wednesday. Need it?
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    Tigers and Yankees IP 8/6-8/9

    The other thread I posted got deleted, but I wanted to add pictures so Im posting again. Im not going to type out all the stories and stuff again so I will just get right too it. Day 1: Pregame: None Postgame: Phil Coke For my cousin: Prince Fielder: OMLB: Photo Coming Card NFT: Card FT...
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    Delete thread

    PM Sent to you Robert.
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    Marlins/Tigers Trade

    Glad to see Omar Infante back in Detroit. Sad to see our catching Prospect Rob Brantly go away though.
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    Best Personal IP Success 7/13/2012 - Toledo Mud Hens at Rochester Red Wings

    Thanks for the compliment! PM Sent to ya! Alan