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    Printing Plates on Ebay

    Did you search just the auction titles? If so, you'll notice that the shorter the color name, the more that showed up. Since eBay limits the number of characters you can put in the title, many sellers with magenta plates probably just left the color out of the title as they ran out of room. Just...
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    Anybody else get their 2010 Topps Chrome wrapper redemption cards?

    I just sent in for one set, as I only bought one box. I sent the wrappers in about a week after the product's release.
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    Anybody else get their 2010 Topps Chrome wrapper redemption cards?

    Those are the exact same cards I got today.
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    READ - Packing suggestion...

    I'm guessing you print all your labels through Paypal, which is what I do as well. On there they do not ask for thickness. However, when you go into the post office, your envelope must be 3/4-inch thick to add DC. As for the envelope going through a machine, it doesn't matter what people write...
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    Not sure what to think here...genius or waste of time?

    If you look at the completed listings, he/she mostly sells old issues of various magazines and does this same type of description for them all. Some of them have sold for $20+. I think they failed to do research on the fact that old Becketts just don't sell. I would suspect keyword spamming if...
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    PC Help...GU cards really used by that player on the card? Or just chopped up bats?

    I know someone who worked for one of the teams here in California who told me that UD would come into the locker room before games with several jerseys. They would have the player put it on, take it off, put on another one, and so on. This allows them to claim that it was "player-worn", even...
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    Ending An Auction Early Advice

    I think you made the right choice. Personally, I will never cancel an auction if there are bids on it already. I just don't think it is fair to those who have already placed bids. I've had it go both ways for me over the years, but most of the time the auction ends up closing for more than...
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    Do I have a right to be annoyed?

    While I don't agree with calling it a restocking fee, I completely agree with the policy. When you ordered the two boxes that were in stock, it immediately pulled them from their system and making them unavailable for others to purchase. In your case it was only a day later that you called to...
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    No Strasburg in A&G after all?

    I've got a feeling that the Strasburg mini was a late addition to the product. Therefore, they had already produced several cases of A&G before adding it to the print run. This would explain how someone could get their order of 25 cases and not get a single one. The same thing happened with...
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    What is wrong with this seller?

    The "like new" condition is a new requirement by eBay. For all items being sold now you must choose a condition from a pre-populated list. If you choose "new" then it states that the item is still factory sealed, where as the "like new" states that it looks like it was just taken out of the...
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    What is wrong with this seller?

    A BCCG 10 is equal to about a BGS 8.5 or 9, so the BGS 9.5 is more valuable than the BCCG 10. I doubt he gets as much as he's asking for either, but with the best offer available, I don't see anything strange about either listing.
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    Beckett tries to explain the Stras 9.5

    After seeing this joke of a video yesterday, I decided to check out the centering grades on some of my BGS cards. I've got a couple of 89 Score football that got 8's for centering that were no worse than the back of the Strasburg, which got a 9 for centering. There is no way for them to...
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    and when you thought it couldnt get any worse

    For some unknown reason the seller is not requiring bidders to be pre-approved, so I'm sure many of the high bidders will not follow through. The high bid is going to keep rising with bidders that have not intention of paying.
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    Another uninformed ebay seller

    I had never heard of the "What's It Worth", so I just checked it out. If you type in 1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan it says that in the past 3 weeks, 36 listings have sold with a price range from $.01 - $750 with an average price of $23.34. If you do a complete listing search for the same words "1991...
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    My First REAL Issue With An Ebay Buyer **Cases Closed**

    If the eCheck clears, you're fine (at least for the auctions that were covered with that payment). Once it's cleared, it's in your account and you can send the items. As for getting your final value fees back, you'll need to file a non-paying bidder claim for each auction. Good luck, Jeremy