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    Why I Make Custom Cards

    Wow, hey guys! Mike emailed me letting me know this was revived - actually, I don't think I ever got a response on this to begin with, so having the first ever comment over 4 years later from the time it was written has GOT to be some kind of a record! :) To answer your question, I don't...
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    I Created a New Trading Card Product Line!

    Hey guys! I made a kit that allows you to quickly & easily create your own high end 1 of 1 cut signature / relic custom trading card! Custom Cuts is an easy to use kit that allows you to create your own high end custom 1/1 trading card using anything you want. Here is how it works. Each...
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    My Crusade is Complete! #mailday PLUS My (almost) Entire Want List in Pics!

    At long last, my Crusade is complete! My 1998 Donruss Crusade rainbow, that is! Ever since I started seriously collecting Canseco, The 98 Crusade Red was at the top of my wish list - perhaps it was even my first recognized white whale. I kept thinking to myself ... they are numbered to 25, so...
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    WTB Rare Canseco Cards!

    If it is rare and I don't have it already, I'm your buyer! Please email me at tanmanbaseballfan@gmail.com with what you have - I don't think I get notifications from this site so I may not see your post if you message me here. Thanks! - www.CansecoCollector.com
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    2 Years in the Making...

    Thanks guys! I didn't get a notification that anyone responded to this. It is classified! :) Hey, I see you are from Fresno - that is my hometown. Small world!
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    2 Years in the Making...

    It must have been five years ago when I was in my office with my son opening some SP Authentic. He pulled a beauty of a card. While it wasn't (most likely) this exact card, this is how I remember it. I thought it was absolutely amazing. Brilliant even! They took a game used jersey worn by...
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    T-206 Honus Wagner Garage Sale Find

    Sports News Outlet 4/20/16 Jennifer Winkley Reporting @ 11:29 AM They are calling it the deal of the century. Travis Johnson, a Texas man struck gold two weeks ago, while going to a garage sale near his home in the suburbs of Houston. Searching for items to sell and keep for himself, he...
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    Why I Make Custom Cards

    I remember when I first started making custom cards. A few months after getting into it, I went to a card show with some of them to show some people just to get a reaction. Right off the bat, I could tell I was going to get a wide array of responses. Some looked angry, some looked confused...
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    Making a Comic Book Come to Life

    I'm a bit short on time this evening, so instead of prepping it for the site, I figured I'd just post a link to my latest article. I had a blast making my latest creations and bragging about my latest pick up. Let me know what you think...
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    27 Years of Collecting ... TODAY!

    Thanks for the reply!
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    27 Years of Collecting ... TODAY!

    WARNING WARNING WARNING: This post could quite possibly have a high tl;dr possibility among internet viewers, and is highly cansecocentric. Reader discretion is advised. (Though, I do hope you stay until the end - I was able to put together some pretty epic pieces of some Hall of Famers!) A...
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    Fun with Junk Wax & Bubble Gum

    I may have too much fun AND may be putting in way too much time! :)
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    Fun with Junk Wax & Bubble Gum

    Remember the days when you could get a pack of baseball cards for 50 cents? I do. I don't ever remember getting anything absolutely remarkable, but then again, the hits back then were serial numbered to 10,000 or more and the only time you heard about somebody ever pulling one was through a...
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    2013 Reseller Lot of refractors xfractors etc.

    Nearly 400 chrome, refractor, xfractor, serial #ed color from topps and bowman, as well as some prizm, as well as many die cut inserts. Names include refractors/xfractors etc. of Michael Wacha, Manny Machado, Dylan Bundy, Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Bryce Harper, Yu Darvish, Matt...