My Crusade is Complete! #mailday PLUS My (almost) Entire Want List in Pics!

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Bench Warmer
May 19, 2012
At long last, my Crusade is complete! My 1998 Donruss Crusade rainbow, that is! Ever since I started seriously collecting Canseco, The 98 Crusade Red was at the top of my wish list - perhaps it was even my first recognized white whale. I kept thinking to myself ... they are numbered to 25, so how hard can it be to get one? (Insert painful belly laugh here.)

Looking back on my blogs, the start of my new Canseco collection started 2 about 2 1/2 years ago, so that is about the amount of time it took me to finally land the red. SOOOOO ... here they are together!


I've been dreaming about this day. This card is a huge key to my collection, and it didn't need an autograph or patch, either! If you recall though, I did make a "Tanner Crusade Plus" and had Jose sign in red a while back that I think hangs with these in terms of beauty - it too has a refractor finish that you may not be able to see from the scan:


Hey @1st4040 - it turns out this is your old card! That makes it all the better for me to know that it was in your collection, because I know how much you treasured it. I know I pestered you to no end when buying chunks of your collection a few years back - thank you again for selling :)

In light of my new pickup, I decided to show my most wanted cards visually, instead of just text. My first thought was to put the top 10 cards, but knew I would be MUCH happier with ALL of it. I didn't put in many 2016's or 1/1's because if they are not shown and rare, I'm asking folks to contact me about them.

My family has been gone this week, so I had time to do it - and believe me - it took me almost every bit of time working on this into the wee hours of the night! A BIG thank you to fellow supercollector Jamie, I was able to use many of his pics in exchange for him to use mine he may need. This helped TREMENDOUSLY because otherwise I would have had to google for images and photoshop a lot more than I already had to (and that, my friends, was a LOT.)

So anyway, here it is. My MOST WANTED list of a mere 316 cards up to 2015, not counting 1/1's or perhaps some unknown proofs/prototypes/etc. It is my hope that this will make things TONS easier (and interesting) to folks who may have Canseco cards I need to just glance over the pics and see. I know many times, I don't even look over my own list because my eyes glaze over when they are met with a wall of text.

I expect this to help a lot. If you want to setup something similar, you can follow my "how to" page I setup for you at - good luck!