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    Even the Thunder is Bigger in Texas...

    Yikes! This reminds me of that Cubs-Astros game at Wrigley a few years ago when they were playing through tornado warnings as well as a monsoon. Christian
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    Football Tradelist (GU/Autos/Inserts/Rookies)

    Sorry for the late reply. I didn't see anything in addition to the Pittman for the Beckett, so I'll have to decline for now. Thanks for your time! Christian
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    Football Tradelist (GU/Autos/Inserts/Rookies)

    I'd love to try and trade for this: 07 exquisite maximum quad jsy 1/75 antonio pittman (saints) Now for the good news and the bad news. I have these 08 Heroes inserts for you: Sea Green #/99: #51 Grady Sizemore #139 Steve Carlton Brown #/149: #65 Justin Verlander The bad news is that I doubt...
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    WTT: Hockey GU and Auto Tradelist

    Confirmed. Thank you! I'll send them out ASAP. Christian
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    WTT: Hockey GU and Auto Tradelist

    Outstanding! Found all of them! Feel free to post it up if it works for you. Thanks! Christian
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    WTT: Hockey GU and Auto Tradelist

    I have good news and bad news. Good news first: I found the Halladay, Lee, and Li. Bad news: The Lofton is M.I.A. Did you by any chance see anything else that interested you? Christian
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    WTT: Hockey GU and Auto Tradelist

    Sorry I'm late! Haha. I wouldn't mind a shot at these: 05-06 SPX Winning Materials WM-MH Milan Hejduk (332/350) (Jersey – Maroon + Jersey – 75% Blue + 25% White) (COL) ($15) 05-06 UD Ultimate Collection Jerseys J-MH Milan Hejduk (041/250) (Jersey – Maroon) (COL) ($8) Unfortunately, being out of...
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    College Baseball fans?

    I figured I'd come out of my posting retirement at almost 4 AM to post on a thread that's 9 days old just to brag (don't judge haha). I witnessed my Golden Flashes punch their ticket to Omaha tonight/last night. Honestly, I could safely say it was the surreal type of feeling I haven't felt...
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    Anybody use Twitter?

    I've had a Twitter account for almost 2 years now and figured I'd start using it more. The problem is that I don't have many followers. I figured Twitter would be much more fun with some Bench buddies. You can follow me @TheOtherCP3. I'll follow you in return. Hope to tweet with everyone soon...
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    Graduated from High School Yesterday!

    Thanks again everyone! This type of support is why I love this site so much! For those who may be interested, here's a shot of yours truly with his diploma, acne and all.:) Christian
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    Graduated from High School Yesterday!

    Thank you everyone! I'm going to be majoring in broadcast journalism at Kent State and if all goes well, I hope to be a sportscaster in the foreseeable future. Again, I appreciate everyone's support! Christian
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    Graduated from High School Yesterday!

    Needless to say, it was emotional. 12 years in the Westlake City School District came to quite the finish yesterday at the CSU Wolstein Center. It was a long ceremony, but I knew it would be the last time I would see a lot of my friends. I would like to thank so many people here on the Bench...
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    Ed's MAY 2011 TTM successes-Includes record long success

    Chris Gimenez is by far the single nicest guy I have ever gotten a return from! He's such a generous, humble guy! Congrats on a great week! Christian
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    A New Return Record?

    That return is 6 months older than me. WOW! That's just crazy! Congrats on finally getting that return back! Christian
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    As shocking as it may seem, I actually got a return!

    Thanks everyone! :) Christian