'09 Goodwin Question


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I just bought a blaster box of 2009 Goodwin Champions and had an interesting pull or two. First, 1 pack only had 3 cards in it, weird? Second, I pulled a 2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective Boston Celtics card #2426. Is that normal? Last, I wish I didn't have to search the web to see if I got a night or day version...I see now that I got "day" versions, I think.

Any help with that 20th Anniversary would be helpful. I'm not up to speed with the hobby these days. Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving.



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The UD 20th Anniversary is a massive set that they put into all of their products this year. It is a multisport and nonsport set, running over 2000 cards. I've pulled more hockey out of this set than anything...
Also pulled Pluto, High Gas Prices, and 2 George W. Bush cards... sigh.
As for the 3 cards, you were shorted one. Bummer.