09 Heritage - American Heroes Edition


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09 Heritage- American Heroes Edition​

24 packs - 8 cards per pack
'2 Relic, Stamp or Autograph Cards Per Box!'

I received the following:

1 complete base set - 125 cards plus 16 duplicates



6 - Barry and Abe's #126-#150

Chrome Parallels - 100 total
#ed to 1776

1 Washington
27 Bethune
36 Shaler
43 Serpico
62 Drew
95 Steinbeck


34 Crocker #ed to 76

Medal of Honor // Presidential Medal of Freedom

12 Medal of Honor
6 Presidential Medal of Freedom

Heroes of Space Flight // Heroes of Sport

4 Heroes of Space Flight
6 Heroes of Sport

A Hero's Journey

3 Hero's Journey


American Heroism

FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt - Pillow liner
11th Airborne Division - Piece of paratrooper uniform from WW11


This is an excellent issue for folks to remember and study US history and it's heroes.

I like the usage of solid Topps designs to incorporate the Heroes of America. The chrome cards look great and seem to be much thicker than normal chrome cards. I also like the numbering of the chrome / refractor parallels.

The card with the uniform of the paratrooper from WW11 is twice as thick as the FDR card... it is not numbered and I don't know the significance of the thickness - if any.

I also like the fact that one receives a complete base set - 1-125 in the box.

Overall grade A

Go buy several boxes and send the Republican Presidents to me!!

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nice break.
could you check my site for the 11th Airborne Division - Piece of paratrooper uniform from WW11
and lmk if we could work something out for them.

my grandfather served in the war. and would like to get the whole set


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I can generally take or leave these sets, but they keep using my 80s designs -- I need the 86/87/88/89 designs. (Just regulars, not chromes.)

Could use the Larry Bird "Heroes of Sport" if you pulled that also.