Review 09 Topps Finest NFL

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
09 Topps Finest NFL​

2 Mini boxes - 5 Cards per pack // 6 packs per mini box
'Look for All-New Autographed Rookie Patch Cards Inside!'

At this writing no further info on the Topps website:

I received the following:

40 unique cards and 6 duplications


This premium issue is good looking. The cards are printed on very stiff stock with chrome finish on the front - action photo of the player. The player's name, position and team name is easily read. The reverse - 08 stats, career stats, personal stats, plus a write-up for the Finest Moment of 08.




Reg Refractors
8 Brees
30 S. Smith
64 J. Ringer
94 G. Johnson
'Figured' Refractors
8 Brees
17 B. Jacobs

Not real sure how to feel about these.... regular background and a 'figured' background. I don't see a special designation on the card and the figured card is not specially numbered. The regular refractor looks great. I also do not know if there is a 'figured' background in the colored refractors....

#ed Refractors - #ed to 429

18 L. Tomlinson
26 Flacco
30 S. Smith
64 J. Ringer

#ed to 199
57 F. Gore

Gold Refractor #ed to 25

14 Kurt Warner

Auto'd Patch Cards


105 Austin Collie #ed to 81
124 Patrick Turner #ed to 64


Topps Finest NFL is a premium issue for the collectors out there... the set, player, and the auto collectors should be able to find lots of choices. The vets are #1 thru #60 and the rookies #61 to #100. #101 to #130 are the auto'd Letter Patch cards.

One should be able to get relatively close to a set with 2 or 3 boxes (4-6 mini boxes) with enough extras for trading. The number of inserts is just about right - especially for a set builder (too many inserts make building a set a little more difficult.)

I also like the refractors - I would prefer that they all be numbered - especially in a premium issue. The refractors that are numbered to 429 and 199 don't seem to be specifically 'colored' - i.e. blue, green, black, red, etc... maybe there is more there, but I did not detect it.

The autographed Letter Patch Cards -- pretty cool. I would have liked to have seen the players actually auto some of these. NFL players are big dudes and the auto area on the patch is small - I'll bet it took some practice!!

Overall grade A+ no redemptions in my box - YES!

Go buy several boxes and send the 'holdout' Texas Tech star - now 49er - Michael Crabtree (all variations) to me!
Hi Duane,

Nice review. I like the Reg Refractors the best. Did you happen to pull a Favre card?

I agree with you on the refractors...they need to number these things on all of the refractors...I'm still confused on these?

I busted 2 full boxes myself and I love them...working on a the way I wasn't even close after 2 boxes so I'm guessing at least 3 will be needed for a set?

Also...let me know if either of the Autos or the Warner Refractor is for trade.
Very nice indeed. Thanks for the scans...:)
Did you happen to pull a Matt Stafford rookie??
Plmk....great looking cards. I've always loved Finest!
Duane, I really like the look of this years finest. Too bad the base set is only 100 cards. Did you pull 69 or 82? And even though he hasn't even caught a pass yet, I would love the Turner letter card.

IS that a pigskin refractor, I thought that is what they were referred as?? the Brees? they look nice I was thinking of picking up a box on black friday..