09 Tribute or 2010 Heritage?

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Mar 10, 2007
haines city,fl.
After working a second job through the Holidays I have a little extra hobby money to spend..I usually don't buy too many boxes as I mostly build vintage sets..It's been a long time so I have the urge to bust some packs..I'm considering doing the 2010 heritage set.Or going for broke and getting a box of tribute and hope for a nice pull.I could get either one box of tribute or four boxes of heritage for roughly the same $$..With 75 sp's in the heritage set even four boxes won't get me close to the set and the big pulls are few and far between from what Iv'e seen...But being a set builder I'm leaning toward the heritage..Although there is ALOT of nice stuff in those tribute boxes..With my luck I would probably get every low end auto and game used in the set..What would you do? any advice would be helpful..
Can't really go wrong with either choice- just depends on what you want- the Tribute with the possible big hits or the Heritage to build a set like you said. There sure are some NICE pulls from the Tribute though!!
I broke a bunch of Tribute and loved it. That being said, as a set builder - especially vintage - you would probably be happier with the Heritage. Four boxes makes the fun last longer. There's always a possibility that you will end up with a Juan Marichal auto being your best pull from Tribute - but you'd have a really decent sized starter set of Heritage with four boxes.

Either way, you probably win! Good luck.
Im also a vintage set builder. I would go with the tribute. You get six hits and alot of nice parrells. Plus they are mostly HOF players!!!!!!

I say Heritage. Putting the SP's - variations set together can be fun. Not so much about what "hit" you pull IMHO. I have more fun putting the sets together than I do pulling 1 auto or whatever! The autos are nice though!

Good Luck
If you're looking for it in terms of resale, wait a week or two and the Tribute prices will plummet. The checklist is so small, while you have the chance for a nice pull, the resale prices are going to drop considerably. Every case I've seen broken has at least 6 David Wright autos in each. They should be around $20-$30 in the next week or so.

You say that as though it's a bad thing. :) (Although I feel like most of the breaks I've seen have DW in there too.)

Oh no, not for people like you and me, Chris. :) But given the limited checklist pulling do many Wright autos has got to be frustrating for someone who doesn't like David Wright or the Mets. It also pulls down the sale value on them too. I was able to pick up a black auto/relic for about $30 over the weekend and they seem to be getting lower and lower by the day.

Lots of Keith Hernandez in this set too, which is always nice to see.

Either way, I'd vote Heritage 2010, though. I love the Heritage sets.