1 In, Plus 3 IP Gifts, 10/15

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Apr 25, 2006
The TTM was former Reds and Yankees OF'er, Paul O'Neill, signed a 1993 Fleer Ultra #599. 12 days.

The 3 Ip gifts are from a friend who I trade wrestling cards with.He went to a Shown in Sept in Cleveland(WWE) met HBK and Triple H, his grandson got HBK's wristband.Anyway, the In Person autographs came at a Firestorm Pro Wrestling event:
King Kong Bundy, 1987 Topps WWF #42
Brutus"The Barber" Beefcake,1990 Classic WWF #12
"Superfly"Jimmy Snuka,1990 Classic WWF #14

A special note in the memory of "Captain" Lou Albano who passed away yesterday at age 76.
Awesome pick ups, Jeff! I love those successes!

Okay, I must admit I'm not a big wrestling fan. I haven't watched or followed the sports in yeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrrs, but seeing those Wrestling successes brings back memories of the spring of '79, when some friends and I made up excuses not to go out with our girlfriends on a Friday night. We all told them we had something really important to do. We went to a wrestling match. Now, when my girlfriend found out what we did she was furious! She could care less that I met Ox Baker and Superstar Billy Graham, or that Andre the Giant shook my arm. Good times! Sure wish I thought about asking for some autographs....
Thanks all. great memories Jim. Andrew, the only time i saw Shawn Michaels was in January 1989 at a WWF event in Charlotte.He and Marty Jannetty wrestled Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson.
Hey Jeff
Wow another great impressive day on your ttm collection. Keep up the great job. Do you want the Chief,s auto on a ball
let me know