1 TTM, 1 Ebay, & MS Surge IP


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Not a bad day so far today. I will try to continue tonight when I go to the hockey game and get some autos for the away team since I got the Surge this morning at practice.

Russ McGinnis - 2/2 (23 days)
1110 North Judd Place
Chandler, AZ 85226

Jussi Jokinen GU card from EBay

I picked up a broken stick from one of the Surge players at the begining of the season so I took it up to practice with me and had a bunch of guys sign it...I think I am still missing a few, but I'll get it done at some point.

Players I was able to get on it:

Ryan Senft, Michael Richard, Matt Zultek, Tim Velemirovich, Chris Greene, Andrew Boudreau, Tom Boudreau, Stephen Scofield, Daryl Moor, Glenn Cacaro, Jack Wolgemuth, Jeff Bieber, Ryan Bartle, Bill Zaniboni, Steve Weidlich



5.00 star(s)
sweet pickups, awesome looking ranger customs...u make those?i need to get a hold of some like that!