10/16 Failure

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Mar 19, 2007
westlake, O-H-I-O!!!
Dang! Mario Lemieux sent my 05/06 MVP card back unsigned with a business card saying that he gets too many requests and blah blah blah. The usual. At least now I know not to send there!
Failure was c/o Home.
I'm sorry to hear that. He stopped signing a couple of years ago, as I recall.
When/where did you send those? I would love to add a Lemieux! Not just because he was an amazing athlete but because I need him for my set! Awesome sigs!

Here's the address...
Lemieux, Mario - 630 Academy Street - Sewickley, PA 15143

I was fortunate and had success with my 2 attempts.
1st one; 06/24/06 – 07/07/06 (13 days)
2nd one; 08/01/06 – 09/21/07 (417 days)
Those are awesome successes Whalerfan! In fact, I believe your first success with him (posted on another board) was my inspiration to retry Lemieux. As I recall, Super Mario stopped signing a little later in '07. I don't think I have seen any success with him since that time. I've also had a couple of successes with him, with the last one in '07. I've also had some misses. He goes through periods where he won't sign, and then turns the faucet back on again after a while. I say keep your eyes open and those cards close by for another opportunity with Lemieux.