14 Bowman Platinum rack pack breaks


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Went to Wally World last night and of course I just happen to get the shopping cart that always seems to make it's way over to the card section,seen 2 rack packs of 14 Bowman Platinum sitting there and me needing the Bryant Purple refractor to complete the set,thought why not so I bought them hoping to pull the Bryant but no such luck,but I thought I did fairly well.All is for trade unless noted as usual looking for wantlist help link located sig


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prospect base ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

82 Wilmer Flores,Mets
96 Oscar Taveras,Cardinals

Chrome Prospect Refractors
BPCP7 Jesse Biddle,Phillies
BPCP41 Daniel Robertson,Athletics
BPCP64 Joey Gallo,Rangers

Chrome Prospect Purple Refractors
BPCP6 Gary Sanchez,Yankees NFT
BPCP21 Raul Mondesi,Royals
BPCP30 Addison Russell,Athletics
BPCP38 Lucas Giolito,Nationals
BPCP93 Hak-Ju Lee,Rays
BPCP99 Nick Travieso,Reds

'89 Bowman is Back
89BIB-MM Mark McGwire,Cardinals

Cutting Edge Stars
CES-MTR Mike Trout,Cardinals

Top Prospects
TP-GSP George Springer,Astros

Toolsy Die-Cuts
TDC-JB Javier Baez,Cubs