1976 Blank Back Disks


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These are the circular discs, and I picked them up in an eBay auction a few years ago. I'd be looking for something interesting in the Cubs.

Mets Torre, Kingman, Lolich, Koosman
Red Sox Tiant, Lynn
Tigers Horton, Staub,
Yankees Munson
A's Blue
Rangers Burroughs
Royals Mayberry
White Sox May, Wood
Astros Watson, Cedeno
Braves Wynn
Dodgers Cey, Garvey, Messersmith
Giants Murcer, Montefusco
Padres Fuentes, Jones
Reds Griffey, Gullett
Cardinals McBride, Kessinger, Hrabosky, Tyson, Smith, Simmons
Expos Rogers
Phillies Kaat, Luzinski, Bowa, Cash
Pirates Stennett, Zisk, Candelaria, Medich, Oliver, Reuss, Sanguillen

Not sure what I'm putting on them. Looking for something in Cubs, preferably in rainbow stuff probably.