1980 A's set done.


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Yesterday I received my last card to finish my 1980 A's team set. Finishing this year was pretty cool to me for a couple reasons, first this is the year I was born and second the final card was the Rickey Henderson rookie. This is also the first year I have finished. Going to now try to finish 1988 - the year I started collecting cards as a kid. Trade thread here - http://www.thebenchtrading.com/thebench/showthread.php?t=317782

Here are the stats for 1980:

133 Cards Total
109 Recognized by Beckett
12 Different Sets/Subsets
4 Cards are Rookies
2 Cards are Serial Numbered
I have 5 Cards Autographed TTM/IP


Thank for looking - Chris
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Hey Chris,
Congratulations on finishing the project. Now on to the next one... Good luck in all of your collecting.

Thanks Ben.

For my next year I will focus on, I think I will do 1988 the first year I started to collect cards. Have just over 50% right now.

- Chris