Vintage team sets 1969-1980 FS

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Oct 16, 2002
Hello all:
I have a lot of Topps vintage cards that are near mint or better from 1969-1980. I do have a lot of vintage needs and am open to trading for my needs but in lieu of that I need to raise some cash to get to some of the higher priced stars. To do that I thought I could put together team sets from the years posted above and try to make few bucks. I'm starting out fresh so I have all of the teams available if anyone has an interest.
I'm just guessing that each team lot would consist of around 40-60 cards with no dupes. If anyone wants checklists for a particular year just lmk. I can't provide a $ amount until I pull the cards and provide to you an asking price. Stars, minor stars and commons will be listed for a complete list of players, card #'s and years along with the cost. Once we agree upon a price, I will provide pics of every card to confirm our deal.
Dealing with vintage is touchy feely that is why I would like to send the pics. I hope I have not made this too confusing , just lmk your team(s) of interest and we can go from there. Any questions just lmk, Thx Jim