WTTF vintage Pirates and Steelers

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Mar 23, 2019
Cranberry Township, PA
Hoping to make some trades with my fellow Benchers for some 1940s to 1980 Pirates and Steelers cards. I have vintage from both baseball and football to help you build sets or for team traders (although I'm very light on Yankees and a little light on Tigers and Cubs). Looking for VG/EX condition or better for most cards. I cannot use cards with creases, writing, paper loss, etc.) I will send scans of cards you might have interest in; I hope you will be able to do that too. If not, accurate descriptions will suffice. Thanks to all for your help!
Have these steelers,lmk thx Jim
Terry Bradshaw

81 Topps #88 $2.50

81 Topps #375 $8

82 Topps #204 $5

82 Topps #205 $2

84 Topps #162 $2
I have these 3. Let me see if i can get a scan for you.
1958 Topps # 78 Ray Mathews (off center probably a 3)
1973 Topps #165 LC Greenwood (soft corner probably a 5)
1973 Topps 408 John Rowser Same as the lc/ back is off center.