1991 Classic/Best


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I was going through some stuff and came across an unopened
set of(classic/best)"the minors in a major league way"complete
factory set/with 54 bonus cards:confused: .
I can't get openchecklist.com to work and was wondering if
anyone knows anything about this set,who might be in it of note,


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It's a minor league set. The highlights would be Mike Schmidt, Carlos Delgado, Ivan Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Chipper Jones & Pedro Martinez. The 54 bonus cards are just cards 397-450, which were only available in the factory set. The only memorable name among those is Ryan Klesko. Once upon a time this was a pretty nice set, but lots of the "prospects" either didn't pan out (Jeff Juden, Royce Clayton, Todd Van Poppel, Frankie Rodriguez), or had relatively decent but not spectacular careers (Javy Lopez, Klesko, Salmon, Rondell White, JT Snow, Jeremy Burnitz), and then there's a pile of average minor leaguers. The set typically goes for $10-15 on eBay.