1999 Bowman Chrome International Refractor Set COMPLETE!!!

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Jan 29, 2005
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Mobile, AL
The final card for my 1999 Bowman Chrome International Refractor set, #236 Sean Casey, arrived today courtesy of a trade with Chris K (thejuniorcollector) on FCB.


I would never have even known that he had the card if bear0555 hadn't told me about it back in November. Another great Benchie!

It's been a fun project, but I'm glad I've finally been able to put it to bed. Nevertheless, I'll probably always be on the look out for upgrades (need a bunch).

The entire set is scanned here:

http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y140/AUTaxMan/1999 Bowman Chrome International Refractors/

I could not have completed this set without the Bench community. I'd like to thank everyone from this site who helped me in some form or fashion with this set, including autobilia, bear0555, Brave, DaSoxFan, jaderock, jpdale68, nevermore, and ryanrancho (I'm certain there were others as well).

Thanks for looking!

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Congrats! Who would've thought that the Casey would be the last card you needed:)
great set & congrats on finally getting to put er to bed ... also, nice teamwork from the fellow benchies!!! - erik
Congrats on the completion - do you know if you are the 1st to do so? It would be a cool Beckett article!

What is your NEXT project (or next project to complete)?
Congrats on completing a great looking set.

FANTASTIC!!! I agree, this would make for one heck of an article! Congratulations..........

Congrats on the completion - do you know if you are the 1st to do so? It would be a cool Beckett article!

What is your NEXT project (or next project to complete)?

I believe I am the first to finish it, though another collector is only missing 7 or 8.

My primary focus these days is nabbing every true RC of every former Auburn player in all sports. In football, I am at 748/949.

Also working on my Frank Sanders and Quentin Groves collections. For Sanders, I am at 497/944, and for Groves I have 147/262.

Also plugging holes in my old Maddux collection, which has 1600+ cards in it though it has pretty much remained dormant since 2001-02.

There are a few small projects as well, but those are the main focuses for now.
Believe it or not, it probably would have been easier to find all of the cards, just more expensive.

This is true. People pull cards of common players numbered to 100 and stick them in their common boxes. You never see them. If something is numbered to 25, people tend to take notice and throw them up for auction.......

Congrats! I didn't think you'd end up striking a deal with the guy for the casey back when I pointed it out. Glad I could help you. It was only a matter of time before you'd get the set done. These are some of the most beautiful cards of the 90s. And if you end up with any extras, I'd love a shot at them.
Congrats on the reaching the end of a long journey! It's nice to see it finally completed.