1st Dec Contest for Don Mattingly Yankees auto serial 12/20! Winner is Christopher.galle! Contest is over!

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David K.

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  • Good morning everyone!
  • Your playing for a 2005 UD Heroes Blue Don Mattingly Auto serial 12/20!
  • Only one guess for the life of the contest from 1 to 99. Previous winners are not allowed in this contest. Must have at least 25 Bench points to enter this contest.
  • List of Winners: Woodman, NEPatriotsFan, Anglinomics, Jmintz, thefiberlab, daktion, littleredjacks, biggun61, crazefan, scc76, Riplhal, Jamott50, spcollector, DaSoxFan, crazyderik, klut18, roro17, champs387, darkman, ILLRIMESAYA, Bbonds25 and dlackey.
  • Good luck to everyone! Contest ends on Friday night 12/9/22 at 8:00 PM Pacific time
  • If you pick someones elses number, you can pick a different as long as you don't edit your original posting.
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5.00 star(s)
WOW 😯. what a amazing card!… I’m going to let a few guesses roll in before I pick.

Thanks again for all the amazing contest you run David! I tip my hat to you 🧢.
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