1st White Whale / Win a 2010 Triple Threads Hobby Box

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Feb 22, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Hey what's going on guys.

If you are a baseball card collector and haven't already gotten to crack a box of the new Triple Threads I would highly recommend that you do so. I really like this years set - but I suppose that is in part because I finally speared my first White Whale:


If anyone is interested in trading or buying my pull by all means let me know as it is up for grabs.

Anyone else care to showcase their cool Triple Threads pulls? If so I'd love to see them.

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Love the Dual Hanson / Heyward Auto Patch!

WOW! That is one of the nicest fold outs I've ever seen. The blue background and the abundance of multi-colored patches, not the mention the great combo of players - I am a life long Braves fan and actually live in East Cobb outside of Atlanta where Heyward played Highschool baseball, so have been following him since before he was drafted in 2007.

VERY cool pull, thanks for sharing.

Congrats on the white whale!!!!

Here is my pull!!!!!!
Jason Heyward and Tommy Hanson #4/10