2 for 3/10 UPDATE

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Nov 4, 2009
J.J. Putz 2/2 ST

and the one i really like

Anthony Ranaudo c/o LSU 3/6(gave him 3 to keep, 1 is for Arron...)

Ranaudo, a 6'7'' All-American pitcher, is considered one of the top arms in the upcoming draft. unfortunately, he has been sidelined with an elbow problem, which could affect his draft stock. He was drafted in 07 by the Rangers in the 11th round but opted not to sign. While I have a general disdain for LSU :) I would like to see this kid stay healthy as he has a mid 90s fastball with a sweet curve....

just got a call from my nephew that went something like this..."Uncle Chris, i got a ball in the mail today! how do they know to send it to me? He even put me name on it..." Went over there and saw it..Very nice of him...

Andrew Bailey SS OMLB w/ 'To Clayton and 2009 AL ROY'

here is a horrible scan of it, no dig cam!!
one of these days my nephew will figure out the rouse; but right now, it's pretty funny!! :)



thanks for reading!!
thanks a lot guys!!!hope everyone has a great day at the mailbox....