2 Successes In, 12/03(Including Wrestling Legend)

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Apr 25, 2006
I sent 4 1957 Topps NFL Archives to former Redskins defensive end Steve Meilinger,and asked him to keep 2 of the. he responded with my 2 signed cards and a nice note thanking me for the cards as he would pass them along to people who wanted a signed card. Took only 7 days.

The wrestling legend, and the most recognizable name in sports entertainment, Hulk Hogan. Signed 2 1998 WCW/NWO cards in about a month.
I'm sending my extra Hogan to a friend in ohio who has generously gotten me all kinds of wrestling cards, signed and non signed, sets, event used,
signed 8x10s.He sent me 2 autos today, Jimmy Hart and TNA Wrestling owner, Bob Carter.
Thanks Andrew and Tom. Good luck Andrew. I'm surprised to get the Hogans back.
Ill see if i can find Hogans address. I know it was here on the forums recently.
For those of you who don't know Jimmy Hart was a member of a group in the 1960's called the Gentry's..The had a million selling single called Keep on Dancing..reaching the #4 spot on the top 100..after lead singer Larry Raspberry left the group..Jimmy Hart reformed the gentrys and took over the lead vocals and did a cover of Neil Youngs Cinnamon Girl

Jimmy Hart singing lead vocals

Jimmy Hart second row on the right good view of him at 1:21