2 TTM, 1 IP - 6/19 (good day!)

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4.90 star(s)
Aug 30, 2007
The Michigan Thumb
I'm not at all disappointed with today, despite Austin Jackson looking in playing shape. (Yes, he is sitting for the FIFTH day in a row)

Matt Stairs
Padres ST
4/4 - 98 days

Mr. T's Comment: I thought these were "Looooooooong Gone!" after knowing that he is such a fast signer. We all remember him for his BIG postseason HR for Philadelphia a couple years ago, so those who have that pic should send it to him to get signed. This guy is a great TTMer.

Jeremy Sowers
1/2 - 28 days (kept one)

Mr. T's Comment: I'm dissapointed he kept the other card (06 Fleer Tradition RC), but got the 09 Topps with Aaron Laffey done.:) I might send to Laffey to finish the dual, and this will be one of the few Indians you ever see me send to.

Austin Jackson
In Person signing
1/1 (ROMLB) w/ $25 fee

Mr. T's Comment: I usually don't write about what I get IP, but I was impressed with his calm attitude. This is the first signing I've heard he did (besides the free one for Golves for Kids). He was taking pictures with anybody who wanted one, greated everybody happily, and was going at a good pace. I will have my pic of the ball and me shaking his hand up in the next couple days.