2001 Donruss unnumbered cards

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Jun 4, 2006
Mechanicsburg, PA
Picked up the following Maddux card from a guy off of Ebay, as well as a few similar to this:


Anyways, I am wondering if Donruss sold a bunch of their leftovers after they weren't allowed to produce baseball anymore, similar to what Fleer did when they went bankrupt.

The card is not serial-numbered; however if it were serial-numbered it would be numbered out of 5.

My question is this: Since there were only 5 copies of this made for real, would logic state that at most Donruss would have only produced at most 5 unnumbered copies, in case of damaged returns? Or is there a possibility that less (or even more) may have been produced for some unknown reason? He actually does have one more for sale currently.

Thanks for any help on this matter,

I know one guy on ebay had a couple of Kazmir's 05 Classic Clippings Final Edition for sale.. The real one's are 1/1 which I own and he has the bankrupt ones.. So if they make more than one of the unstamped one.. Who really knows!
I remember talking to Donruss about this and they always make one additional card just in case for serial numbering purposes.. Like if there is 6 of them, and one gets damaged lets say in a pack and someone sends it back, they'll have a 7th one on hand waiting just-in-case... and re-serial number it for that purpose.
but the thing is, with this one it is originally serial #'d to 5, and there are at least 2 unnumbered versions out there (mine and the one he still has on Ebay)

He has some really really interesting Rickeys!

We were told in 2001 that Donruss had reached an agreement with Rickey, and we would see the first ever Rickey autographs! It fell through (or I guess didn't get done in time), and his first autos showed up in 2002.

Knighttime has unsigned and unnumbered Rickey auto cards from 2001 Donruss Signature. Amazing! How did he do that?