2002 Stadium Club SP discussion/Question?


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Just wondered others thoughts, or if they had some information that I don't know about concerning cards 101-125 In 2002 Stadium Club?

I started putting the set together back in 02, and over the years (not that I was trying hard or anything) Have really only come across maybe 2-3 that I needed. Again, I have not been scouring the earth for these, just picking them up as I have seen them, and in trades only not buying.

Sorry, long winded. But considering they are numbered /2999. Why do these cards book 25.00 a piece? Its really always made me wonder, and as I am going thru my sets and hoping to sell off all the ones I no longer care about, I just wondered if there was any real reason for, rookies of mostly guys who did not or have yet not turned into anything, them to book so high. I can see it if the card were/ a smaller number or something, But I have maddux cards numbered to 2999 booking at 6.00. WHat really makes these so special?


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It could be because of the odds of getting one.

COMMON CARD (101-125) $10.00 $25.00
MINOR STARS 101-125 $10.00 $25.00
SEMISTARS 101-125 $10.00 $25.00
UNLISTED STARS 101-125 $10.00 $25.00
101-125 PRINT RUN 2999 SERIAL #'d SETS N/A N/A
101-115 ODDS 1:42 HOB, 1:50 RET, 1:7 HTA N/A N/A
116-125 ODDS 1:60 HOB, 1:74 RET, 1:11 HTA N/A N/A


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I guess it's sort of like the original Donruss Elite's...they're numbered to like 10,000, but since they were released amid 10,000,000,000 base cards, they're not easy to come by and command a premium over most #/100 cards.