2002 Topps Hobby box questions

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Jul 7, 2007
Lake Elmo, MN
I started colelcting in 2003 with retail packs. I am able to pick up a hobby box of 2002 Topps Series 2 for cheap primarilly so I can get a Mauer RC. I can't find odds anywhere online as to what the inserts are and if there are hits in the box, do you know? Also, what do you think the odds of pulling a Mauer RC are? Thanks for the input.
Gold #'d to 2002 (1:12 packs)
1952 Reprints (1:25 packs)
1952 World Series Highlights (1:25 packs)
All-World Team (1:12 packs)
There are more inserts not listed.
Look for Randomly Inserted: 1952 Reprint Autographs, 5-Card Stud Relics, Topps Autographs, Coaches Collection Relics, Ebbets Field/Yankee Stadium Relics and Autographs, Prime Cut Autographs, Prime Cuts Pine Tar Relics, Prime Cuts Trademark Relics, Prime Cuts Barrel Relics, Team Topps Legends Autographs, Hall of Fame Vintage BuyBacks Autoproofs

Key Rookies: Kazuhisa Ishii, Joe Mauer, Rich Harden

360 cards per box, figure about 10 inserts, series two is 354 cards, so you have an even chance of pulling a Mauer from a box.