2006 Topps Chrome Traders?

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Oct 13, 2002
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Will trade or sell (at High Beckett) my dupe 2006 Topps Chrome cards.

NOT BUYING but will trade ONLY for 2006 Topps Chrome Black #d to 549, Blue and Red #d to 90 Refractors I dont have already
as of 11/13/15 (Post updated as trades made) ebay rating 2472+

My Topps 2006 Chrome AUTO Dupes.
[/B]333(James), 335(Ortmeier), 341(Joey Devine), 345(Lerew), 348(Josh Johnson), 352(Hanley Ramirez)

My Topps 2006 Chrome base dupes to trade/sell
5(Taguchi-3),6(2),9,27(2),33(2),35(3),37,38,41(2),42(4),48,49(3),53,54(2),56, 59,60, 63,64,65(2) 68,70(2),72,73,77,78(Glaus),81,88(Bagwell),91(Hafner-2), 96,97(2),98,104(2),113,114(2),117, 119,123,126,129,131(2),132(2), 140,144(2), 147(2),150,153(2),156,159,162(2),163(4),165,166,167,168,170(3),172,177(2), 185, 188,189(2),190(2),198(2),201(2),203(2),211(Tejada-2),213,214, 216,219, 223(2),224,226,228(Kazmir-3),229,230,232(2),235,239,241(2), 245,247, 248(2), 249,250(2),252(2),254(4),259,264,266,268(3),271(2),276,278,287,290,292,293,

Topps 2006 Chrome Refractors Want List
Completed set of Refractors…. 5/19/07

My Topps Chrome 2006 refractors to trade/sell
286,290,293,294,302,308, 322,324,328

Topps Chrome 2006 Blue Border Refractors
Trade for any common Blue Border Refractor NOT on list below
(131 of 330 so far for set)
112,114,123,125,126,127,129,133,134,135,142,144,146,147,148,149,150,153,154,158,160,163,170,175,179,182,184,185,187,188,189,190,192,197,198,203,204,205,208,209,211,212,216,218,219,222,224,233,234,236,240,243,246,250,251,252, 253,257,258,262,264,265,267,270,271,274,276,278,281,282,288,289,290,291,298,306,310,320,322,325,326,327

I have 111 (Nick Johnson) Blue Border Refractor to trade

Topps Chrome 2006 Red Border Refractors (#d to 90)
Trade for any common Red Border Refractors NOT on list below
(109 of 330 so far for set)
2,4,9,18,19,22,25,27,28,30,31,40,43,46,49,52,53,54,59,60,61,65,67,71,72,73, 77,78,79,80,81,85,87,89,90,91,95,99,102,103,104,109,110,115,124,
212,213,216,222,226,228, 230,234,241,242,243,245,248,249,250,251,252,253,255,264,265, 266,267,268,270,280, 289,292,295,305,314,316,319,321,323

Topps Chrome 2006 Black Border Refractors Black Border Dupes (#d to 549) to trade/sell

39(Blalock), 53(Laird), 77(Loaiza), 111(Nick Johnson), 119(Kaz Matsui), 165(Murton), 199(E Santana), 252(A Huff), 266(Lowell), 267(A Jones),
313(Nick Markakis- RC)

Trade for any 2006 Topps Chrome Black border Refractors ON Want list below
(302/330…. 28 of 330 to go for set…..not including the 331 through 354 AU Black Border #d to 549 Refractor cards
1(Alex Rodriguez), 7(Mantle), 24(Mauer), 41(****), 50(Bonds), 55(Mariano Rivera), 62(Morneau), 74(Randy Wolf), 86(Piazza), 106(Wakefield), 118(Pujols), 136(Ichiro Suzuki), 154(Yadier Molina), 162(R Sanders), 173(W Mo Pena), 191(Jeter), 214(Lieber), 215(Miguel Cabrera), 221(Ken Griffey Jr), 223(Vizquel), 260(Ichiro Suzuki Gold Glove), 272(Alex Rodriguez League MVP), 273(Pujols-League MVP), 284(Ryan Zimmerman), 292(Spilborghs), 307(Prince Fielder RC), 314(Papelbon), 317(Napoli),

Plus Topps Chrome 2006 Black Border AU want list (#d to 200)
334(Wainwright), 336(Francisco Liriano), 340(Kinsler), 347(Willie Eyre), 348(Josh Johnson), 350(Dustin Nippart), 351(Josh Wilson), 352(Hanley Ramirez), 353(Abercrombie), 354(Dan Uggla)
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