2008 UD Heroes Case Break (LIVE)

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Just to be nitpicky, the official colors for this set are:

base (beige, unnumbered)
Black (unnumbered)
Emerald (green) /499
Charcoal (grey) /399
Beige (gold) /299
Red /249
Navy Blue /199
Brown (bronze) /149
Sea Green (teal) /99
Light Blue /49
Purple /25

From what I've seen the beige are supposed to be a shade between the base color and the brown, but UD messed up and put the some of the 299 serial numbers on the base instead of the beige, so there are really two colors in the 299 run.

The serial numbering of the jersey cards is somewhat inconsistent with the published print runs. I've got a couple Winfield jersey cards that don' t match UD or Beckett's listings as far as #/color combinations.

Still...this is one awesome case!
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Beckett doesn't list MOST of the GU/AU cards we've pulled...Not even listed with n/a for the BV...They don't list them at all.

Here's what we've pulled through 7 boxes:

GU autos (if there's an "x" then I didn't catch the actual card number)
Bill Hall 7/38 (yes, /38)
Brian McCann 3/5
Carlos Lee 3/5
Chad Billingsley 18/50
Chone Figgins 56/75
Derek Jeter 8/25
Derek Jeter 15/25
Derek Jeter 30/50
Edinson Volquez 21/50
Felix Hernandez 6/10
Jeff Francis 2/5
Joe Blanton x/75
Jonathan Papelbon 3/10
Josh Willingham x/75
Ken Griffey Jr. 3/5
Kevin Kouzmanoff 45/50
Matt Cain 18/50
Matt Cain 3/75
Matt Kemp 23/75
Nick Markakis 28/50
Tom Gorzelanny x/50
Travis Hafner 1/10
Victor Martinez x/10
Victor Martinez 25/50
Victor Martinez 12/50

Ryan Zimmerman 18/25
Roy Oswalt 5/25
Corey Hart ?/25 (I think it was /25)
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Looks like this was the last case blowoutcard has as it now shows they are out of stock.
We will be live in 1 hour....tune in to watch the last 3 boxes. If they are anything like the first 7, then it's MUST WATCH TV!
Ok last 3 boxes are done....we ended with a fizzle.

Box #8 was great with a Berra jsy, Lester Auto....but box 9 and 10 were subpar. And no YSL in the case, I don't think anyone will complain since we got 32 autos, 4 patches, and i think 4 regular jsy

I'm going to be a bit busy the rest of the weekend, but I will get a list up soon so everyone can start picking.