2009 Bench Buddy of the Year!!!

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Jun 22, 2003
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Once again its that time of year again,time to take nominations for the 5th annual Bench Buddy of the Year. Last years voting was as close as ever win for Taliasen aka Tim ,edging out Chieftazmisty and Markwing by one vote. So as you can see it is important for all our members to vote. Tim was just another in a long line of very deserving members to win this award. Heres a link to last years final vote tally.
This year I will not be handling the voting ,it will be Mods Stephj24 and helping her will be waterboy12386. As before we are asking our members to nominate someone from our site whom you think has gone above and beyond .Someone you think deserves to be a Bench Buddy. Please send a brief summary to either Steph or Kenny,as to who and why you think the person you are nominating deserves this award. Do not send pms like "he or she is nice",or he or "she is a good trader",even though this is true about your nomination ,we want to know why you feel that way about them.
We will start accepting nominations today Nov.19th - Nov 26th . Then our mod team will whittle down to 10-12 finalist. At sometime in early Dec. we will open up the voting to our members. We ask that everyone take the time to cast a vote. As in past years the Mod team will be providing a gift certificate from our great sponser Charm City Cards!!!
This again has been another great year for our site .We steadily continue to grow ,and our new members have helped keep our site the best place on the net to trade cards.This is just our mod teams way of saying thank you all for your continued support .And heres looking at a great 2010.
Again thanks so much to Mods Steph and Kenny for stepping up in my absence this year. Pm all your nomination to either of them.
Peace out and trade on in 2010
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All Benchies

To all Bench Members
Please make sure you read this and if you want to make a nomination. Please do so. This is the best site anywhere on the web for tradin cards and meeting very great friends. I think the Pete, Mark and all the mods are the greatest. So just make sure even if you dont nominate anyone or get nominated. Please vote
Short time to get a nomination in...I'll try to get one in before the deadline....is it possible to extend the deadline? Best regards, David
Short time to get a nomination in...I'll try to get one in before the deadline....is it possible to extend the deadline? Best regards, David

Due to some untimely personal issues on my part ,we got a late start on the project this year. We did give 2 weeks last year ,but we started 9 days earlier, I really wanted to try and get everything in before the end of the year. We will be allowing 2 weeks for voting as well. I just felt everyone who was going to put in a nomanation would do so fairly quickly . Last year all nomanations submitted were in the first few days, therefore I felt a week would be a sufficant amount of time for submitting. If you feel you need more time then we could extend it a couple more day. Once again I apologize for getting a late start on this.
Come on Benchies Lets get the ball rolling and get those nominations into Steph24. So we can have the greatest Bench Buddy of the year ever.
So lets go gang
Lets get those nominations in everyone. We have only 6 more days left to accept nominations. Don't be shy and PM either myself or stephj24. Thanks everyone =)!
Only a few short days, starting filling my or Kenny's PM box with nominations!!!

Benchie of the year is ???????????????????

Ok Bench Members .
Lets get the ball rolling only a few days left before the nominations are over.

1 more day left. Be sure to have your nominations sent to either myself or stephj24 before you start pigging out tomorrow :)
Hi Kenny or Steph! Just letting you know that I would appreciate it if my name was not entered in this years contest. I feel that it's a great honor to win it and winning it once is enough. Its like passing the torch from great member to the next! Its time for next outstanding bench member to win this award and there are plenty of members on The Bench who qualify for this outstanding award. Best regards, David PS just pm my nomination!
Nominations closed. Watch this forum for the voting!

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