2009 Tristar SignaCuts Limited Edition?

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Last year's version was pretty ugly. They'd cut up old cards, and use those as cuts. That or, they'd make cut sigs of living players, which is pretty pointless.
Nice Ripken, I would be happy with any solid auto even it is on a cut card. I am intrigued by some of the big players and "fan favorites" like Joba or Longoria. Plus the BGS holder the cards come it makes it a really nice product IMO. I don't need any more random base or inserts for my collection, so this is the product for me cuz it will yield only 1 card- an autograph
Seems risky for even $33, but if you beat the odds, it will seem like a bargain. Odds are you'll have paid $33 for some auto you would have passed on for $20 though!

This is coming from a reformed pack buster who never had much luck though...
Nice, I don't know some of the players on the checklist (like Maury Wilis), but I know alot of them and it seems each checklist player would make decent tradebait for someone on here even thoug I am hoping for something PC.
Friend of mine bought a pack last weekend and pulled a Ron Cey #ed to 5 similar to the Ripken scan above. Was a cut up card and the corner was trimmed same as the Ripken card. I wouldn't bother trying a pack,but that's just me.
So, they buy an '88 Donruss IP auto of Ripken, which I would say you could probably get for less than $20, stamp a serial number on it, and now it's a big hit from a pack? Pretty weak...