2010 Benchie of the Year!

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Jun 22, 2003
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Its hard to believe another year has flown by us and we are knocking on the door of 2011. Now is the time to get your nominations in for the 2010 Benchie of The Year. This is our 6th year of doing this and have had some very deserving winners in the past. Last years winner was Chieftazmisty aka Tom Fullen. And I feel it was well deserved. I took last year off and Steph stepped up and took care of our contest. Thanks Steph. Well I am back and looking forward to getting those nominations. As before just pm me you nomination and a short paragraph as to why the member is deserving . And to all our Bench family THANK YOU!! for another great year of trading as we looking forward to another great year in 2011. I want to take time to thank a few people .

Tim and Duane for their efforts in getting the box breaks together. I know many Benchies have benefited from them.
And I also want to Welcome back to our Mod Team ..Matt aka Meliah. Matt took some time off from our team but is back at full speed,and our site is better for it.
So to everyone have a great Holiday season . Peace out and trade on.

Nominations are open now until Nov 30th
Voting will begin shortly after that.


ADDED Nov,23rd
After talking to a few of the former winners of this award they have ask me to make this a one time winner award. I know several of you have nominated a couple of our previous winners ,so if you would like to nominate someone else feel free to do so.

Past Winners in no order
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Get the Nominations in folks! We have many outstanding members on The Bench! I'll be sitting on the side line this year! (nominated two outstanding members the last two years) I won the Benchie award for the 2007 year by one vote and this is a once in a life time award. Therefore, I already pm Randy that he can inform other members not to nominate me! It might be a good idea to enter this as one of the rules for this contest (maybe the moderators can vote on this idea or maybe include the voices of the previous winners). Good luck to all of the nominates! Best regards, David
I always enjoyed this award!!!so many deserving people on the bench! good to see meliah is back as well! - erik
Come on Benchies
This is the last day to nominate someone for Benchie of the year So get you nominations in
Good luck to all who have been nominated