2010 Bowman Platinum - MLB


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2010 Bowman Platinum - MLB

24 packs - 5 cards per pack
'2 Chrome Prospect Autos Inside! -- 1 Auto'd Relic Card in Every Box'

I received the following:

67 base cards - 67% of the 100 card base set - no duplicates! :)

The front of the card has a silver foil background and a digital action photo. The cards are highly reflective. The reverse has pro stat summary and a "Platinum Moment' of the player's career. The rookie cards have the RC designation on the front of the card.

44 Platinum Prospects -- 88% of the 50 card base set :D :D - includes 20 collegiate prospects...



The parallel card(s) are 3-4 times as thick as the base cards and they are numbered to 999 or 599 (gold)

76 Crawford
100 Wright
PP2 Jennings

29 Ethier


PP47 S. Rodriguez - #ed to 999
Green refractor
PP48 G. Springer - #ed to 499


Miguel Sano
Jiovanni Mier
(both are refractors)

Bonus Auto Redemption

Auto Patch

Jackie Bradley #ed to 50

Sweet patch!!


2010 Bowman Platinum - MLB - this issue is a curious one. It was released in the retail version over a month ago and the hobby version came out just recently. One shop here in Orlando had a few boxes and another had only received a very limited number and they were all gone. Obviously, Topps wanted this issue to be a retail driven issue. Player collectors will have several cards to chase and set builders should not have a real difficult time completing the base sets. I received 67% and 88% of the sets in this one hobby box.

The autos - are on the card - excellent!! The patch is sweet - yet it has a sticker and it is not embedded:eek: ....

Overall grade A- I'm not a big fan of the silver foil cards.

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays and the Rays parallels to me!!



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Ok since no castro did you pull the Jackie Bradley Jr. PP? The auto looks killer, maybe u pulled a base or ref for me.
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