2010 New Product Opinions???????????

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Sep 29, 2007
I was talkin to a good friend today on skype and he is planing on making a relese in december! He's not on this site so i could ask freely do you guys think this product will be good or not?

Is it worth pre ordering a case of it at a nice discount for resale when it releses?

Or will this stuff be a flop? Leave a honest opnion i would like to hear from you!


The info on the product^^^
Starting a new product will be tough. I look at that web site to be amateur at best and that does not instill me with hope for the product. No pictures either.

I see people have a tough time trading Just or Tri-Star stuff and they have been around for a bit. Personally, no offense to anyone, that product looks like a flop to me.
Hard to say without seeing it and knowing the complete checklist. That's 10 of the 50 'HOF/Superstar' cut autos, what are the other 40? Joe Morgan, Rollie Fingers, Bob Feller, Bob Doerr, Fergie Jenkins? What about the 950 other cuts? Is it a current player set? Am I going to get the ever elusive Bronson Arroyo cut auto /100? Maybe a Michael Cuddyer cut? What are they going to use for the cuts? Am I going to get the bottom part of an 8x10 photo or a clean index card? How much is MSRP on it? Just as important, what do the cards look like? Is it something I might want to put a set together? Or does it have the Blah design and photography of 82-83 Fleer? It's a multi sport set, which in the past hasn't been a huge hit, although I could see a market if it's limited to superstars only. How many cards in the set, am I going to have to buy 3-4 boxes to make a set or is one box going to get me a set or almost two? Is it licensed by the major sports or are we going to see a bunch of airbrushed caps and uniforms to circumvent licensing issues? LOTS of questions come to mind
First impressions usually help sell a product and if I go by the website you attached a link to, it look amatuerish (like Meliah said) with misspellings and unprofessional graphics. There are no reference pictures to the product so I would definitely stay away. My 2 cents!
I agree visual is the key here, the site looks an amture made it, and i belive its a free site too. makes me wonder what the product would be like then. if they had one release already i think you said it was '08 then what did they look like? did they sell? what about resell? were any graded? when do they play on releasing the product?

it may be intresting to see too, i would consider dropping a franklin for a case and break it out to see what the product is like. but it would be nice to have a checklist and a much better idea on whats going to be in it too.

not impressed, i'd venture to say most every member here wouldn't bother spending thier $ on an unproven product. how do you make it proven??? well, like everyone already said... first impressions!!
Thanks for the opnions guys i was thinkin to pick up a case at pre order price to flip but now i think i should wait it out!

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