Review 2010 Topps Finest - NFL


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2010 Topps Finest - NFL
2 six pack mini boxes - 5 cards per pack
'Each Box contains sequentially numbered autographed dual relic or an autographed rookie patch card!'

I received the following:

Base -

44 unique base - 35.2% of the 125 card set

Highly reflective premium cards - with essentially the same design as years past. The reverse has stats and the player's 'Finest 2009 Moment'. The cards are easily smudged with finger prints...



Tomlinson, Cutler, McKnight, E. Manning

Xfractors / Black Refractor

Cutler, McClain, D. Jackson - all #ed to 399

J. Stewart #ed to 99

Atomic Refractors

Ben Tate
C J Spiller

Gold Atomic Refractor

Golden Tate #ed to 50

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest inserts I have seen in a few years!! Die cut - - excellent. These look great!

Finest Moments

Tim Tebow
Ryan Matthews


Finest Moments

Araelious Benn

Dual Relic Rookie Auto

Johnathan Dwyer #ed to 350

Autographed Rookie Patch Card

Rob Gronkowski #ed to 99


Finest Football - excellent issue for the set builder and the player collector. One should only need to pick up 3 maybe 4 boxes to get the entire set - not bad. The player collector will also be pleased with the various parallels of the base card.

The die cut Atomic Refractors are my personal favorite. They look great and are well designed. The numbering of the refractor is on the reverse of the card in a space specifically designed for the number.

I don't care for the numbering of the cards on the front of the card. I think this detracts from the card. Put the number on the reverse - please.

The autos are stickers. The relic and rookie patch cards are both designed for the sticker - the Finest Moment is a sticker stuck on the front of the card.....

Overall grade A+ - good number of base and excellent Atomic Refractors!

Go buy several boxes and send the Tebow cards to me....

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Nice cards for sure. Duane If i can get that Dwyer auto from you I can swap out with a Texeira Auto I have 4 or 5. Let me know sir.



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Thank You very much Duane!
Be looking for a lot of cards of your guys coming your way when I hit the PO on Tuesday.


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Nice review Duane. Although I am not a fan of these kinds of sets (100-125 base) I like the look of this design. And what's up with no Dolphins rookies??? Way to go topps!

Do they have the chrome bend?