Review 2014 Topps Mini Chrome N F L


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Topps Mini Chrome NFL

24 packs - 4 cards per pack

One rookie card per pack and one mini chrome auto per box

I received these:

85 base cards - 38.6% of the base 220 set -- NO DUPES!!

Mini Chrome has the same design as it's big brother. There is however a bit of 'chrome curl' in the mini's -- just a little bit not much. One should be able to complete a base set with about 4 boxes and the chase could be fun. Mini Chrome is a good issue for the player collector and rookie collector - the master set builder - not so much.


Refractors/Bubble Refractor

3 refractors
1 Bubble - #ed to 102

Ok somebody tell me.... why 102? 99 I understand.... 102?

Cammo Refractor

Lynch and Marshall

Fantasy Focus and Retro (Refractor #ed to 50)

FF - Stafford and Murray
Retro - Beckam, Jr.

Die Cut

David Fales (refractor - I think!)


James White

On card auto - blue Sharpee -- well done!


The die cut is my favorite insert in the box that I received... hard to tell if it is a refractor - I think it is. For some reason, Topps has quit putting the word refractor on refractor cards. My suggestion is that if you think you have one, put it in a card sleeve so that it does not get mixed with the regular cards.

The Cammo refractor set might be a cool set to build and would certainly be one of very few ever completed.

Overall grade B+ not real sure how many of us out there that collect minis.

Go buy several boxes and see what inserts you find.



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Thanks for the review Duane. I don't understand mini's as it's own set. It's bad enough that they put them as subsets with regular cards, I certainly wouldn't want a whole set of them. Too bad topps cant figure out the chrome curl.



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Thank you for taking the time to review and can I add that James White is a class act for a young man we seen him in Florida and he took time out to talk to my nephew for over a half hour my nephew did not sleep that night lol


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Not sure that there's much market for minis either. You should get plenty of offers for the Beckham. Is the White auto up for trade?
Thanks, Dave