2015 Historic Autographs Civil War Appomattox Premium Box 01/13/2016

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Mar 10, 2004
Augusta, IL
Product Description
Every box will include (1-3) autographs or Civil War relic redemption cards. Each autograph or relic included will have no less than 2 - so there are at least (2) Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Sam Houston, etc. There are (8) Ulysess S. Grant and William T. Sherman and (20) Phil Sheridan - to name a few. Signatures include (9) different United States Presidents, notable Southern politicans, famed abolitionists and generals from botht he Notrh and South.

Due to the difficulty and scarcity of the obscure Civil War generals on both sides, some of the signatures have been authenticated by a member of the National Park Service and come with a lifetime Letter of Authencity from Historic Autographs. Those that could be submitted to PSA/DNA have full LOAs from that third Party service.

Every box will include (3) Beckett Graded 2015 HA Civil War Appomattox Limited Edition cards. These cards have a Beckett Set Registry set up for the avid collector to increase values in the open market.

Relics include authentic Civil War items such several 1860 US Army Colt revolvers, long rifles, saddle & cartridge bags (these items are all redemptions).


Signatures include but are not limited to:

- James Buchanan
- Abraham Lincoln
- Andrew Johnson
- Ulysses S. Grant
- Rutherford B. Hayes
- James Garfield
- Chester A. Arthur
- Benjamin Harrison
- William McKinley

- William T. Sherman
- Ambrose Burnside
- George McClellan
- Joseph ******
- George Meade
- Abner Doubleday
- Jubal Early
- Winfield Scott
- Winfield Scott Hancock
- David Farragut
- Irwin McDowell
- Philip Sheridan

- Robert E. Lee
- Jefferson Davis
- Sam Houston
- Nathan Bedford Forrest
- James Longstreet
- Pierre G.T. Beauregard
- John Bell Hood

- Clara Barton
- Frederick Douglass
- Wilmer McLean
- Samuel Morse
- Roger B. Taney
- Hannibal Hamlin
- William Seward
- Charles Sumner

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