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2015 Panini National Sports Convention VIP Party Gold Pack


5.00 star(s)
Bought a VIP Gold Pack from DACARDWORLD and pulled this beauty. Too bad it wasn't baseball, since I don't collect football anymore.
Not sure if I over priced this or not. Any ideas on a good BUY IT NOW Price or a good RESERVED Price?

I also bought a 10 pack of the Silver Panini Packs, but they were not worth the money. I'd skip on those if anyone is considering purchasing them.




5.00 star(s)
I don't collect football either so I am not sure what the market is like but the sold auto #'d to 14 from that set went for $50 something and that surprised me that it was that low. Maybe because his play last year and his off field shenigans have hurt his value. Maybe if he plays this year and is better in a few weeks the deman for his card will be higher. JMO nice card