2015 Topps BB VAR


I bought Variation card #387b around $5.00 I thought. However while looking through my master set I notice I already had this card thinking I was buying the VAR card with the National League Emblem on the back but mine dose not have that emblem. Therefore, I am starting to believe after checking each card code numbers #3808 there maybe 387a where DeGrom's is pitching, #387b VAR photo with the National League on the back of his card with the words on the top of the stat box Rookie of the Year, and #387c with no National league emblem on the back and no ROY on the back above the stat box but b & c both have him in sunglasses. either there is a UER out there and my card could be one of them or there is a third card a,b, & c out there, feedback welcome.