Review 2015 Topps Museum - M L B


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2015 Topps Museum - M L B

4 mini boxes - 5 cards per mini
Every box contains - 1 on card auto, 1 auto'd relic, 1 quad relic and 1 jumbo relic

I received these:

11 unique base cards

Topps Museum is a premium issue - printed on very thick stock. The front of the card is glossy with an action shot of the player. The back ground of each card is a key to whether or not it is a parallel card. The design of the card is simple and classy. Each base card has silver foil embossing - including the player's name and position.

The reverse is also glossy with stats - personal and pro (career.) Also included is a Career Appraisal - short summary of a highlight of the player's career.

Parallels / Inserts


2 received - Scherzer and Pedroia

Blue / Green

Green - Aaron #ed to 199
Blue - Puig #ed to 99

Museum Canvas Collection

Jose Bautista

Relics / Autos

Jumbo / Quad

Jumbo - Rendon #ed to 85
Quad - Stanton #ed to 75

Orlando Hernandez - on card blue Sharpee auto #ed to 249
Excellent auto - very well done!!

Livan Hernandez #ed to 25
Dual relic and auto.... sweet patch!


Topps Museum - an excellent issue for the player collector - lots-o-inserts.... blue, green, black, red, bronze, autos, relics, canvas collections, etc. (relatively sure I missed several.) The set collector might have a mini hill to climb - look out 'bay here we come! From what I have seen on the 'bay, boxes will be hit or miss with the autos/relics... one can really hit a homerun or can just get a single...

My favorite insert that I received is the Canvas Collection card. I like the feel and look of the insert.

Overall grade B+ - need a few more base cards in the master box.

Go buy several master boxes and send the Rays parallels to me and the Canvas Collection cards.



5.00 star(s)
Duane -
Nice review. Museum is my favorite looking high end set, and they look great again this year.

Anything you can use for the Aaron green?