2015...What Team/s Can You Autograph For 50/50


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Refreshing greatdadx2's thread for 2015

Respond with teams that you can 50/50

I would also like to say that it's OK to not do 50/50 and just straight up name a price for a guy. It works on other sites and if I have nine Brad Miller cards already I might not have interest in getting more. But if you needed one and I can easily get him it seems reasonable to get $5 (or whatever) for my efforts. I would only suggest that payment be made after the card is signed, too often people can't get a guy and have to issue refunds, it's messy.

Northwest League particulary the Everett Aquasox
I could probably 50/50 guys that have cards, which is generally about 2-3 per team. For anything but licensed cards I'd probably ask for a few bucks per. I can make NO guarantees, I might go to 10 games, or maybe zero, it depends on my work situation.


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Ed, we may make it to a Gateway Grizzlies game this season, Randy Martz is their pitching coach, a nice guy and great signer if someone needs an early 80s set hit!