2016 Super Break Hybrid Extreme Edition Box 08/16/2016

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5.00 star(s)
Product Description
Configuration: 1 pack per box. 4 items per pack.

- 2016 Super Break Hybrid Extreme will bring back the talking boxes, Themed Boxes, Hot Boxes, & More!
- This Super Break Hybrid Extreme Edition has some of our Greatest BuyBack Cards & Memorabilia Items in this run.
- Look for some of the world's greatest throughout sports, history, and celebrity.
- This Product Will Come with a 50 Category Item Breaking List for Group Break Purposes!!!
- Each Case WILL Contain At Least 9 BuyBack Cards & 3 Memorabilia Items for a total of 12 Items!
- Some cases WILL over deliver.
- This Run is Loaded with Game Used, The BAR, Presidential Documents, & Super Souvenirs
- The Bar and Super Souvenirs (Over 140 items) landing at least 1 per case on average.


Find the Following Types of BuyBack Cards in this Product:
- Baseball, Basketball, & Football
- Hybrid Extreme is Loaded with Strong Buy Back Content, superior to the first issue.
- Signed Vintage Rookies & Modern Rookies
- Logomans & Logo Shields
- Graded Vintage Rookies
- Jumbo Patches, Tags, & 1/1's
- BGS 10's Black Labels & More!

Find the Following Types of Memorabilia Items in this Product:
- Game Used Items
- Signed Presidential Cuts, Documents & The Bar.
- The Bar 1/1 Original pcs. - including new Golf The Bar and other new High End The Bar pieces
- Super Souvenirs - including new Football and Basketball Champions and Stars
- Signed Baseballs, Football Mini Helmets, Jerseys, & More.
- Signed Cuts, Records, Magazines, Lithographs, & More.
- Signed 8X10 11X14 Photos - Sports, Celebrity, & Historical.

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