2019 Topps Heritage Minis pricing question.


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Thanks for taking time to have a look at my question. I'm in the process of negotiating a deal for a lot of 2019 Topps Heritage minis...100+. It's a sizeable deal and was curious on folks opinions. There isn't a whole lot of comparables online so I'm finding it somewhat difficult to come up with a number. The majority of the lot is commons with a few semis here and there. So, I guess my big question is what everyone thinks a mini common is worth. I've seen some commons go as low as $1 with others going as high as $8. I'm figuring the truth lies somewhere in between. Let me know your thoughts and thanks again.


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I collect cards as a hobby, so maybe someone who makes a living selling cards would give you a different answer. You should consider the fact that you will be getting rid of all the cards at once. That will save you time and possible headaches. I’ll be happy to make $1 per card. You may be giving an incredible deal on some of them, but you will also be getting rid of some cards you would never be able to sell individually. Whatever you do, be comfortable with your decision. Good luck.