baseball card related questions

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Aug 8, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio
rather than starting 2 different threads, I'm gonna combine them in one in hopes of getting them answered easily.

can someone explain to me what "choice" and "lite" hobby boxes are? i've been seeing hobby boxes with and without this added title. what is the difference between the ones that don't have this title?

this one has been talked about quite a bit. but this is in regards to topps being no longer, at least in regards to baseball cards. it's hard to believe that topps will no longer be in the game. there are a lot of loyal collectors to topps products. can't speak for them, but will collectors leave the hobby all together once topps steps aside? what can we expect from this new company? does anyone know? hobby boxes, sets, etc. could the values of the cards be lower, higher, or will we not see a change in that? Although i don't know a thing about this company, as of right now, im having a hard time taking them seriously, at least mentally. Topps is a giant, and here comes this other company that will be their replacement. something doesn't sit well with me. i guess we can only wait till it happens to see how it turns out. saddens me to think topps is no more. they take over in 2025, right?

does anyone know where panini stands? i imagine they have a contract too??
Hi. while. iam not sure on what a choice box is, i do know. topps in certain products. do have Hobby boxs. HTA. which are boxes ment for hobby shops. you have retail boxes ment for the retail market like walmart and target and others. and lite boxes. which. cost less are boxes with fewer packs. no guarantees of an auto. and have a black & white. refractor / or wave refractor.

as for topps going away. that is not the case. topps was brought out by fanatics. they will stay pretty the same as they had a mlb licence, plus topps still has most of its people still working for them. they just get paid by fanatics. PANINI. on the hand. this is there last year for baseball. with 23 donruss baseball being the last baseball product. they will make this. with only hall of famers. and prospects. with no current mlb players.

In 2025 fanatics takes over the mlb licence from topps. but with them owning topps now. they will still make baseball under the topps logo. which is good for the hobby. as they already have the NBA. NFL. Licenes. will now be able to make cards under the topps label. down the road fanatics will buy Panini. and may get upperdeck even sooner. but we shall see. anyway hope this helps you out on whats going on in the hobby. thanks. Larry
wait, so panini is no longer?? aww, no more diamond king sets??
upper deck, havent heard that name in a long time.....
Hi. panini is still doing football and basketball. they are not going anywhere no time to soon. but for baseball. they are pretty much done with it. 23 donruss should be the last. Upperdeck. is still doing hockey they are the only company that has a licened with the NHL.. plus they still do a lot of non sports stuff. and still are making product with michael jordan. in it. Larry