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2019 Topps Update Series Baseball Hobby Box 10/16/2019

David K.

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Two blue father day on ebay for cavan biggo...both serial to 50....but the back ground has been altered and one has the date he started in the ML game. which is more expensive???


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Staff member
Just took a quick look over at Blowout to see if they were going to do a Black Friday discount on 2019 Update Jumbos -- they actually upped the price by 5 bucks a box!!

I missed out on some of the inserts and no autos, but picked up 8 blasters and with those cards and two trades, got my two full sets - at about half the cost. Much happier with this direction than I thought I would be.


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I was hoping the same thing--going to keep an eye on the black friday running deals they have tomorrow.

In other black friday deals, dacardworld is selling 2011 Update Jumbo Packs for $349/pack. 50 cards, about a 1/6 chance of landing a Trout. I'd hate to pay that and not get anything good though...