2020 Topps Opening Day Baseball Hobby Box 03/11/2020


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Configuration: 36 packs per box. 7 cards per pack.

2020 Topps Opening Day returns to offer collectors of all ages an exciting, entry-level Baseball card product.

2020 Topps Opening Day features more exclusive content than ever – with the addition of Ballpark Profile Autographed cards, Major League Mementos relic cards and Mascot Patch cards.

Throw in all the fun of the game’s biggest stars and mascots and Opening Day will be a great way to kick off the 2020 season!


Base Cards
The 200-card Base set features the game’s superstars, budding young stars and a new crop of rookies for the 2020 season.
Base Parallels
- Opening Day Edition – Limited to 2020
- Opening Day 1 of 1 Edition – Numbered 1 of 1
- Printing Plates – Numbered 1 of 1

NEW! Spring has Sprung
Imagery spanning decades of the game’s greatest players honing their craft down at Spring Training.
NEW! Walk this Way!
Dynamic shots of current players celebrating walk-off victories from the previous season.
NEW! The Lighter Side of Baseball
Capturing funny on-field moments and the most colorful personalities playing the game. LIMITED PRINT
NEW! 2020 Topps Sticker Collection Preview
Sticker inserts that preview the upcoming 2020 Topps MLB Sticker Collection product.
Team Traditions and Celebrations
Showcasing iconic ballpark features and unique events.
The most animated fan in the ballpark is front and center for these inserts.
Opening Day
Commemorating the start of the Baseball season, each team’s Opening Day festivities from the 2019 MLB season are put on display.
Dugout Peeks
Candid shots of some of the biggest stars in their team’s dugout. LIMITED PRINT
Base Card Image Variation
Select star players featured in the Base set will receive an image variation. LIMITED PRINT

NEW! Ballpark Profile Autographs
Popular broadcasters and Baseball personalities are commemorated with on-card autographs.
Opening Day Autographs
MLB rookies and stars are celebrated on cards that feature their signature.
Base Card Variation Autograph Parallel
Autograph parallel of the Base Card Image Variation insert.
Mascot Autographs
Fan-favorite mascots autograph these special limited cards.
NEW! Major League Mementos Relics
Limited edition relic cards that offer up pieces of memorabilia from MLB ballparks.
NEW! Mascot Patch Relics
Commemorative patches featuring mascots from all across MLB! NUMBERED TO 99
Opening Day Relics
Game-used memorabilia from your favorite players embedded in special cards.
Mascot Relics and Mascot Autograph Relics
Pieces of jersey from your favorite mascots are featured in these cards. Look for special autograph versions!
Diamond Relics and Autograph Diamond Relics

Purchase: https://www.blowoutcards.com/2020-topps-opening-day-baseball-hobby-box.html
Featuring a player and dirt from the Baseball diamond from his home ballpark. Look for special autograph versions!