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2021 NFL Postseason CONTEST


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Hey Everyone -

The NFL Postseason is upon us! I'm running a really simple contest - pick the winner of the Super Bowl! That's it - nothing else, just which of these 14 teams will win it all in the 2021 Super Bowl!!

1. Kansas City Cheifs
2. Buffalo Bills
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
4. Tennessee Titans
5. Baltimore Ravens
6. Cleveland Browns
7. Indianapolis Colts

1. Green Bay Packers
2. New Orleans Saints
3. Seattle Seahawks
4. Washington Football Team
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
6. Los Angeles Rams
7. Chicago Bears

Once you picked your team, obviously no editing. Your pick must be in by Saturday January 9th at 1:00pm EST (Before the 1st Playoff game). Contest is open to any Bench member in good standing.

The winner will receive a prize pack of random goodies. If there are multiple people who pick the winning Super Bowl team, I will randomize a winner.

Good luck!


Buffalo Bills - chief wahoo; SymphonicMetal; dragonslayer913
Green Bay Packers - biggun61; Benski3; MZimm5; BigHunz; bfd13; chieftazmisty
Kansas City Chiefs - anglinomics; cornwellfamily; David K.; Mike; PRosefan1; KCLJ520; katester44; #1Rangersfan; LEONOFNJ; topdawg91129; worldwideed
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DaSoxFan; robwes207; Mike121; baystate123; horfin

Baltimore Ravens - dubby25; tennisjunky; Tennelson55
Cleveland Browns - mm1sub
Indianapolis Colts - greatdadx2
New Orleans Saints - 3greyhounds; gwynn_fan
Pittsburgh Steelers - Camsue; neemann
Seattle Seahawks - grapler135s
Tennessee Titans - yankees1
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Put me down for Kansas City Chiefs please... I'll be cheering for Alex Smith and the Football Team!
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