2022 Topps Chrome Updates box on line with Target!

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David K.

5.00 star(s)
Feb 5, 2007
Fresno, California
Release date is Dec 14, 2022...so if u order on line u will get it shortly after Dec 14.....10 packs and 4 cards per pack. Free Shipping if using red card or if order is over $35.00. Topps Chrome Update box is $49.99. Best regards, David PS I'll be getting about 3 or 4 boxes.
Anyone know if there will be hanger boxes of this as well this year? If I remember correctly Target had the more expensive boxes that contained the Purple Refractors and Walmart had the less expensive Hanger boxes that contained the Pink Wave Refractors?
They are doing hobby boxes this year as well, first time ever? Or at least in a long time. Pricey compared to the retail but still cool to get guaranteed hits. I'm picking up a few from Target as well
Sorry....the on line pre-orders for the 2022 Topps Chrome Updates were sold out a few days ago. No there not doing the hobby....its retail. Best regards, David