24 Autographs this week TTM/Trades


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Bruce Fields from SCN for $3

Rick White from SCN

Dana Barros from SCN

Scott Bankhead from SCN

Keith Mitchell from SCN
So excited after chasing the Mitchell cousins for years I'll have both with in a few weeks. I'm currently getting a ball from Kevin via a private signing.

Roy Corcoran from SCN

Sam Adams 2/1 singed blank index card as well. This one is at least 2 years old and judging from the comments on SCN I'm lucky to have gotton it at all.

Hector Torres 1/1 on custom oversized card.
One of my favorite successes becasue I currently don't have much for my Seattle Angels collection. I like the pick too, it was taking at Sicks' stadium, the apartments in the background give it away.

Dick Groat 2/2 both the same as show below. One was creased some but it's still a nice success.

Jim Wright 1/1
That's right!!! It's a triple!! I've had the other two on this card for a long time and finally got a good address for the right Wright. lol. This one is PC for sure.

Jim Lonborg 2/2 both Action Packed. Some creasing but it always look worse in the scan. I have about 5 or 6 different AP cards from this set signed now and they are some of my favorites. Have not decided if I'm keeping both yet.

Dick Perez 3/3 Yes I got these just to get duals on them. I will not be sending out the Magrane however as he is a poor signer. It is available if you want/need it.

Lonnie Smith 7/7
I told him to keep some for other fans but I guess he felt he didn't need to. lol. All are FT.

As always if you need addresses just ask.
Double Edit:
I reached an exciting goal this week. I'll be starting a separate thread on that.

Ellis Shoe

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hi Ed, how long does Perez take? I pulled a certified of him but would like to get some TTMs done too of him. Also is the address the same as in the database?